Installation Process Of The Glass Tile

Glass tiles come in various design styles, colors, and materials. Glass tiles are becoming more popular over the past few years for their beauty, elegance, and style but also because they are very easily treated and clean.

‘Transparent glass tiles’ (also known as ‘กระเบื้องแก้วใส‘ in the Thai language) also come in different sizes depending on where you plan to install it, they are also good for areas such as back-splash areas in the kitchen and bathroom and they can also be used on the border, around the shower area.

Tips to Clean and Maintain Glass Tiles | Westside Tile and Stone

Installing glass is relatively easy even though you have to realize that they can be easily destroyed and maybe more cost-effective to have it installed by a professional. 

Many homeowners are not sure of installing glasses because they are more likely to break when installing than other tiles but the installation of professional tiles will be able to adjust it easily and once down, glass tiles will make additional spectacle for the kitchen and bathroom.

Glass is also good for smaller spaces and rooms because they are very good at reflecting light which means they will open a small room and make it look bigger. They are also very hygienic tiles and not easily store bacteria. The reason for this is because they don’t absorb moisture, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where there will be a moisture level.

Like all tiles, there are various types of glass with smalti glass being one of the first glass tiles produced. At present there are various types of glass tiles on the market and everything comes in various colors, styles and sizes. What you choose most will depend on your personal design style and where you want to use it.

Glass can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, on the wall and floor. They are also commonly used in swimming pools and decorate furniture. The glass installed on the floor can be very effective and makes a brave statement but must be noted that the glass floor is higher than the other floor choices because they will mark easier than other tiles, mostly because they are installed in a large area. But glass tiles work very well in the small and fantastic floor area on the wall, backsplash area and as the limit used with other tiles.

Glass tiles make real design statements and for this reason they are the choice of homeowners in the house.