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Oily skincare

Oily skin is the result of more active sebaceous glands. A substance called sebum is secreted by these glands, usually, it is a healthy natural lubricant for the skin but when it is secreted in excess it leads to oily skin. This makes the skin shiny, thick and dull.

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Health and Beauty Topics

Skin Growing

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness and begins to flail, so when you are young, your skin needs to be taken care of and as you grow older, so – there is a problem of skin tightness. The old body system produces less amount of collagen, which can be compared to the amount of collagen when the body is small.

Skin Care

Human skin color can range from black to almost colorless, and human skin color varies from dark brown to almost colorless pigmentation due to blood in the skin.

Melanin, which produces darker tones of human skin, acts as a light filter to protect the skin, due to the excessive UV rays it causes to sunburn and it is necessary to make human DNA. Inhibits the synthesis of precursors – note that humans need at least UV light penetration into the skin and production of vitamin D is essential for the formation and maintenance of bones in the human body.

Dry skin treatment

Dry skin is a condition that involves the integer system, which in most cases can be safely treated with amolators and/or moisturizers. Dry skin is most common on the sides of the scalp, lower legs, hands, knuckles, abdomen, and thighs. Symptoms most associated with dry skin include scaling (visible outer skin layer), itching, and cracks in the skin.

Trade secrets beauty supply

A trade secret may include any formula, pattern, device, or compilation of information that is used in a business, and which can give an advantage over competitors who do not know the trade secret. A trade secret can be a chemical compound, a formula for the manufacture, treatment, or preservation of materials, a pattern for a machine or other device, or even a list of customers.