Different Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

The majority of the world says no when it comes to putting wallpaper in the bathroom. However, the truth is that you can. With the help of a window and extractor fan comprising of proper ventilation will allow the wallpaper to breathe making the bathroom look prettier. Now let’s focus on the ideas that will allow you to come up with the best wallpaper for your bathroom.

  1. Match it with the Paint Color – Regardless of the color of your bathroom, you can come up with a wallpaper that matches the bathroom color. For instance; if your bathroom paint color is cream, then you can select a similar type of wallpaper color to match with it.
  2. Consider Elsewhere – A wallpaper isn’t necessary to be put in the bathroom. You can also put on the wall next to the bathroom that gives it an inviting aura. This way the wallpaper and the bathroom can match with each other comprising of various patterns.
  3. Consider Botanical Print – if you want stunning looks inside your bathroom, then consider adding a wallpaper comprising of a botanical print. You are bound to feel magical.
  4. Consider Country like Feeling – If your bathroom has grey toned floral designs and wooden wall panels then you may want to consider going country like. This means you should consider floral based designs of the wallpaper to bring the spark inside the bathroom.
  5. Go Crazy – This is regards to smaller bathrooms where space is an issue. In such cases, you should go crazy and add bold wallpapers to give a different vibe inside the bathroom.

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