What to Look for in a Personal Shopper

There are many image consultants that offer the best shopping in the capital, almost 200 of them !! What type of service do they have to offer and how do you choose the right person for your final purchase? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Most professional personal shopper in NYC are freelancers, but some work for department stores. I recommend working with a freelance consultant, even though it costs more. You are not required to buy your goods at the store.

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The main advantages that you should look for in personal shopper are:




Knowledge – Don't hesitate to ask before ordering to find out how to shop in the capital. It is usually very easy to distinguish experienced buyers from beginners on the phone.

Patience – Many personal shopper set deadlines that are fair enough because they have their own lives. You pay a lot of money for this service, so use it to make sure you get what you pay for, and ask about procedures and fees before agreeing to any advice.

Honesty is an important strength for personal buyers. A personal shop will tell you what clothes and colors work best for you. Let your friends tell you how good you are to see everything !!!