What You Know About Breast Implant Removal

Women who have had breast implants are many times faced with the decision to have breast implant removal within a few years of the original procedure..

There are several reasons for having breast implants removed. Sometimes there is a change of size or shape of the breast after having breast augmentation. You can also look for a professional and qualified breast implant removal surgeon in Dallas for breast implant removal.

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Implants can sag, shift, deflate, rupture, cause wrinkling or become asymmetrical in appearance. Leakage or rupturing of an implant is cause for a surgical procedure because the material itself will seep into the surrounding tissues not to mention the problematic appearance of a ruptured implant.

Capsular contracture is another problem that calls for a breast implant removal procedure. The body begins to react to itself by bleeding, infection, cancer, or scar tissue around the implant. Another complication is the formation of dead tissue around the material which causes the procedure not to heal.

This is called necrosis which is a serious condition that will need medical attention. Procedures surgery is done under either local anesthesia combined with IV sedation or with a general anesthesia and usually takes 30 minutes to an hour in an outpatient facility, barring any unforeseen problems.

The surgeon removes the implant through an incision under the breast or through the nipple. Saline implants are sometimes removed by inflating the implant first in order to facilitate easier removal. Large breast implant removal may occasionally be inserted on top of the muscle and under the breast glands.